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    j9九游会叉车设置装备摆设(上海)有限公司, 是在整合叉车及其他工程机器市场技能、市场职员和资源渠道的底子上创建的专业叉车办事外包公司。


    公司拥有一群来自重点大学的奇怪血液,他们充溢年轻的生机和拼搏的汗水,先辈化的办理标准和制度,技能精深的办事工程师团队,带来企业敏捷扩张,如日方升[rú rì fāng shēng]。

    Arron Forklift Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a first class professional forklift service provider. We pride ourselves on our  technological expertise, devoted engineers, competitive cost base and efficient services. We are committed to win-win solutions, providing high-quality forklift outsourcing, maintenance, leasing, and parts sales services. 

    Besides forklift services, Arron Forklift also  provides maintenance and servicing of various engineering machineries and equipments. Every one of our engineers has more than 10 years of experience in this field. We have successfully serviced over 3000 forklifts, including:  Linde, Jungheinrich, Hyster, Toyota, TCM, Mitsubishi among others. We hire only the best engineers to make sure that we deliver. 

    At the same time, our team also has a number of graduates from the top universities, whose dynamism and entrepreneurship are injecting new blood to the company.   With our professional expertise, we are committed to delivering first class products and services whenever you need us.